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Philosophy of Fees

Litigation Fees

For over 40 years, the firm has tailored the costs to develop the most reasonable fee practicable. This means that almost all communications between client and attorney (via email or letter or phone) are FREE. In addition, routine photocopy costs, overnight mailing costs, and FAX costs are also free. This usually translates into hundreds if not thousands of dollars of savings. Our attorney fee contract is usually only 1 page in length with no hidden features.

Chapter 7 Cases

The typical lawyer fee is $1,075.00 for low-income clients to $1,575.00 for a consumer case. $3,000.00 for a business case. Special circumstances are considered to lower that fee or raise it, including client hardship. Charging less than the full fee "up front" is a common option we offer to make fees more affordable for clients. Our legal fees are competitive, if not lower than most other lawyers in the Bay Area. Additionally, if there is a way of avoiding bankruptcy, that option will be seriously explored.

Creditor Cases

Hourly rates can be fixed fee, negotiable fees per hour, or contingency fee. Many of the creditor clients are attracted to the contingency fee option because they are wary of throwing away good money after bad. Some cases where collection is unlikely may not warrant contingency. However, every attempt is made to offer reasonable arrangements. In Federal Courts, creditors need bankruptcy lawyers, too.

Filing Fees

Chapter 7 court filing fee is $338.00

For a low income client, he or she may qualify for a court fee waiver.