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"Thank you for your patience and dedication to justice."

Angelic E.

"I have confidence in you. You are as tough as President Harry Truman"

Philip L.

"I knew that you would pick the best option for us! Your expertise and creativity have brought us victory!!"

Patricia R.

"We are very grateful for what you have done for us. You have changed our lives tremendously. You delivered more than we thought that we would get in filing Bankruptcy. Thank You."

Janet S.

"Great result. You are the Columbo of the courtroom..."

Les H.

"...Your legal brief made a big impression in the office."

Charles M.

"Throughout the litigation, I thought of you as Clark Kent...I forgot that he turns into Superman."

Dina T.

"Gerard, thank you. You been so wonderful and so kind to both Joseph and I and my family. We appreciate you deeply."

Michelle Kai Chang

"Glad I have you on our side, you are awesome! I know this is a "small" case, yet you have always treated it like it was huge, which I appreciate very much."

London W.

"After you finished your presentation, the other side had nothing to say..."

John S.

"I appreciate your humor, your knowledge, and your hand-holding skills. You made a very highly charged action (filing for bankruptcy) simple. Amazing. Blessings upon you..."

Sherrin L.

"Watching you in court today was a Perry Mason moment."

Janice H.

"There are really no words to express how thankful I am to you and for you and your help. You have truly been a blessing in my life and have helped me learn to trust again."

Trina B.

"You do great work in a way that allows your clients to feel as though they are going through a difficult process with an old friend."

Moniqua C.

"Tears of joy my friend. This time, 3 months ago, I was an absolute emotional mess and probably suicidal given the amount of worry and stress related to the filing, along with a side dish of Covid and our business closure. Gerard Launay helped me to get out of a very, very deep hole with his legal knowledge and compassion. So happy to have found you. I am so grateful for your courage, friendship and loyalty. ♥️"

-Charmaine K.